Game Bug where if you are the host the lobby never dies, and you can friendly frag with impunity!

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Can a moderator see that this gets the appropriate DEV attention as I'm not sure if this is a new or existing bug for the game on PS4 or even an issue that warrants attention. The only reason I made a forum posting and not a bug report is so that other players can see it and comment if they have seen or experienced the same. If this is a known or old issue feel free to delete it, it's just new to me.

After a marathon play session because I was up all night last night and all day today tending a smoker full of brisket, I realized that I must be the host of the game lobby.

The first thing I noticed was that after several hours of playing with the same handful of guys that the lobby didn't blow up like they usually do after a while. Also I noticed the lobby never went dead where it goes empty after a while like they usually do. I mean this lobby stayed FULL for over 12 hours! But what really tipped me off is that multiple times I either walked away from the controller for a few minutes expecting to be timed out but I was still in game. Also I withdrew from the match multiple times expecting my session to of timed out, but over an hour later I'm still in the server after numerous matches! The screen was just sitting at the load-out selection each time and I could select my weapons and jump right back into the fight. And when I started playing again guys were like "dude where the [TOS Violation] have you been"!
I also noticed that my ping rate was zero the entire time, it never changed even on Homestead and the FPS dropped to what must of been like 10fps.

But the most damming thing that caught my attention was a few times where a squad mate crossed in front of me while I was shooting, or ran into where I was throwing a grenade and I realized "hey I'm not even getting a "check friendly fire" warning, or a time out? I ended up testing it with a guy I was in the match with for several hours by grenading killing him twice along with another dude who jumped in at the last second in the spawn point which should of gotten me kicked and banned from the sever, but I didn't even get a time out I just died from the grenade blast each time until someone revived me.

That's a trolls dream come true and I swear I've been on servers at least twice before in the past month or two where the same guy keep fragging people and never got kicked! Also about a month ago I was in a lobby where there was one guy who was away from his controller but his character remained in game and every single match we had to tell someone on the other side to go kill him in the spawn point if the rest of us died. That lasted for over like an hour until the lobby blew up presumable because his console auto shut off. We just put up wit it because it was a good full lobby with good players other than him being AFK.

I did not notice any play advantage as a result of this bug. In fact there were a few matches where I felt like I was shooting NERF bullets because at point blank range into a guys back I could dump a mag and would just turn around and kill me. But that only lasted like a match or two.

Until recently like the past month or two I've never heard of or experienced this in game on the PS4 and here I've experienced it from both ends in less than a month.
If I was a troll I could of just been fragging guys with impunity knowing that I would of never gotten kicked from the server.

Here is the Match ID 2019-07-01-02-45-28-I4f7) (I-6/30/2019

I'd be interested to know if this is a known issue and how many other people have experienced it.


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