*OFFICIAL - PS4* 89TH Infantry Division Mil-Sim Competitive

ChiiiToHChiiiToH Posts: 13Player
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Re-vamping the 89TH and giving them a modern upgrade, the 89TH I.D. Mil-Sim isn't just for beginners, nor those who like being alone.
Recruiting now. PS4 ONLY
Look in communities for "89TH Infantry Division" or, look up my profile: ChiiiToH, and I'm the founder. If anybody else is leader, they're not legit. Details will be sent with application, when I am contacted.
Here, or along my social media are the means of contact we'll have. Don't ask so many q's seeing as I have every bit of info.: ranks, info. attached with the application.
RECRUITING: (4-All mentioned}- Platoon Leaders, Snipers, Demolitionists, Medics, LMG Handlers.
15 Infantryman.
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