Bad lag after 6:30 pm est

Army_Vet_18DArmy_Vet_18D Posts: 15Player
edited June 2019 in PS4
Don’t know why but after 6:30 pm est I cannot play the game, my ping jumps over 200 and it laggy and I am warping all over the place. My internet company came out 2 times said everything is good I have gigabyte internet with xfinity Comcast. I check my speed when it’s lagging and I’m getting over 900 mb down and 41 up. I also ping to google multiple tests and I get good time goes from 19 ms to about 15 ms. Not sure what is going on ?????? Any info will be really appreciated. Thnx. My speed varies on network test on ps4 pro, high as 350 mb down and 36 up never below 200 down and 10 up.
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