Physical copy (disc+box) ?

Howie_MunsonHowie_Munson Posts: 60Player
Hi there,

is there any physcial copy (disc+box) exsiting of AA for the PS4 ?
Like, somekind of a rare collector edition ? And how to purchase it ?

And if not...why not ? :(

And as we are at it, as Im an avid collector of rare video there any beta exisiting of "Rise of a Soldier" for the PS2 ? How far did development go ?



  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 652Moderator
    Digital distribution let's you keep the game updated and synchronized. Even if there was a disk, it very well might just be an installer for the digital download. How else do you get a 20 GB title on one disk?

    I don't remember ROAS coming out on PS2, just XBOX if I recall correctly. Those are all over E-bay.
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