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Okay this will be long winded but descriptive bear with me. I started overclocking my gtx 770 recently and found a stable OC. temps were mid 50s. This was fine for about 2 months straight. Then all of a sudden I started getting this error where the display will go black and computer cant recover. This would happen only at the end of a map and loading into the next map. Ever since that day the computer will just crash all of a sudden no display at random times even right after start up. So i decided to do a reformat and everything ended up stable. I install AA and go to set up my graphics settings and I notice that it is telling me my native resolution is 1280x720, the instant I change this setting to 1680x1050 the screen goes green and red flickering. So i booted safe mode and uninstalled AA, things are stable at the moment.

My graphics card driver is up to date and my desktop resolution is fine at 1680x1050.

I also tried booting the game in safe mode with networking and it through me an error saying card does not support alpha blending with floating point targets, which is required to run this game.
( Is this error just cause I tried to boot in safe mode or does it hint at my issue?)

How can I change my resolution out of game so that it just boots fullscreen at 1680x1050?


  • Is it possible for a videocard to only be able to perform basic functions like youtube, discord,browsing. and just black screen when launching aa? I seem to be able to get basic function, but i only play aa so i dont have other games to test
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    I had a similar problem years ago with a GPU that I had overclocked, it worked fine for about a year. When things started to go wrong it would be OK in windows and browsing web etc.. but soon as I did something strenuous on the GPU the screen would go purple with wavy lines across the screen.. if I fired up any game my PC would simply crash.

    It turned out to be bad VideoRam, once a game utilized a certain amount of the 2GB available vram.. BOOM it'd die, unsure to this day if it was caused by the overclocking (yep, probably didn't help) or it was just wear and tear.

    Might be time for a new GPU :(
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    have you tried removing the OC from the vid card, to see if the problem persists?
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  • Yeah I tried removing the OC and got a few more matches out of it. Thanks for posting your first hand experience.
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    Couple of links to some Video Card stress test software. Have you ran these to see if the same problem occurs? Also I doubt this is it but if you have another PCIe slot and it is also x16 you could try to switch slots just to see if that makes a difference.,review-34201-5.html
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