Full auto only shooting one bullet

I've had this happen to me I don't know how many times lately. On full auto but only 1 bullet shoots...have to press again. I've heard this has been reported a bunch of times as a bug, but that "the devs said they won't fix/look into until enough people report it." So here's me reporting it. :)


  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,077Moderator
    its not "until enough people report it" but rather "when does this happen?" AKA reproduction steps.
  • V_NillaV_Nilla Posts: 96Developer
    ^ What frankof said. I've attempted all repro that I can think of that would cause the bug, as well as attempting the same movements of others that have reported it. Nothing yet, unfortunately.

    As soon as we get a good repro, this will be much easier to fix.
  • 4DChessGenius4DChessGenius Posts: 2,161Player
    I've had it happen to me in the past. Never figured out what caused it though.
    You joined the world's greatest army to become a graphic artist? Outstanding!
  • jgvn11jgvn11 Posts: 92Marine Corp Active Duty
    Most times I've had it happen or seen it, is when you try to shoot to quickly after sprinting or jumping. Kind of like it overlaps. But also, most if the time it isn't an issue.
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