not enjoying the game

Its getting to point that I'm not enjoying the game some reasons first the scar h why is that gun soo annoying to play against getting head shot out nowhere strafe its too strong its unreal second no server browser instead we get a matchmaking how many times that get to same lobby over over over over over again again again again again its soo stupid nomeber 3 select team why i pick alpha or be a spectator room i don't understand though process its just surprise me that ps4 gets less content then pc hope that next AA game on the ps4 can then fix the problem AA:PG i really do


  • OICURMT!OICURMT! Posts: 161Beta Tester
    I thought you left?

    In life, there is no respawn... why should there be in a game?
    OICURMT! wrote: »
    I thought you left?
    There nothing play what do expected
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