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Violent Resolution

Brief History: Violent Resolution has been apart of Proving Grounds from the start. Founders from the start of the AA Franchise. Collectively we have run our own clans, our own teams, and even have a couple of members that ran/or participated in units. We've done it all. Since we've been getting older, 1 of us became a business owner, the other was building a family. Most teams or clans required you to be on for X amount of time or whatever. We wanted something different. We wanted to create a clan / team that could sport both competitive and casual players. A home for anyone essentially. The original 2 founders are still here today providing a home or a community for any type of gamer.

PS4 Notice: We've support PC for years, mainly we've supported Americas Army for years. With that said we are in search of a PS4 Comp Team. We are hoping to find just 1 individual whom will oversee all of the PS4 operations when it comes to competition. As of right now, we are not looking for casual players, however we will still accept those applications to review. Those with a PS4, our main communication between each other will be Discord.

PC Players & Requirements: For PC we are looking for casual, & competitive players. We will be supporting multiple comp teams to help bring additional activity into the competition of Americas Army. vR will also be hosting multiple tournaments for PC. We've made those announcements on our discord and we plan on bringing additional information to everyone soon. Of course we have requirements...we are not all animals.

► Microphone
► Age: 16 (or Older)
► Discord
► No Bans, No Hacks, No Exploits
► Respect other community members
► That's it.....

Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/pUmbBJP

You can find our application on the #application channel on our discord. Simple application, should take honestly 1 minutes if that. We welcome all to come join and have some fun fragging with us. Please feel free to reach out to any of our AA PC Admins: -vR|Drop -vR|Zimmy & -vR|Mistori

Thank You,


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    Cool Id like to get some with you guys
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    Hi, new here, been around since early AA2. So, where are the servers and how is best way(client) to connect?
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    Link up above in the Original Post has a discord link. Feel free to join the discord and ask any questions there. Feel free to add me on Steam as well: vDrop
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