Using the Host a server tool

Dedicated Server set up
I have a VPS server set up and its running fine just when im in the VPS server itself via remote desktop connection and i start the AAPG server via the host a server tool all runs fine but can not fully mange the INI files for the server like i can from a normal game host portal manger where you can change the ini to suit your server needs , when i try this on the VPS server when i start the Server via like i said Host a Server tool it reverts back to default ini settings , I know you can adjust some of the ini settings through the tool manager itself but only a small portion of the INI not like putting in the line for the Umms to upload the the server etc.. and or other settings in the engine ini and game ini , I did notice that if I change the name of the default Game ini when i start the server is remakes another default ini , so it reads from the default which can not be changed as it reverts it back to default settings each time i start the server ..has anyone got a way around this issue ? cheers
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