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Tacobender219Tacobender219 Posts: 4Player
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Will ps4 servers ever get an update? It seems like the game is getting progressively worse and worse especially after updates. I've seen people getting dropped with two bullets (in the legs), while others remain unscathed after taking multiple clips from several players. I would say that it was the persons connection but its more and more common to see this now than ever. Please don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the game but the enjoyment that I once had is disappearing rapidly every day.


  • VoidsVetVoidsVet Posts: 13Player
    You have to make sure youre on a server of the proper region. Upper left of scoreboard will tell you. I bet you were on an europe region and were having issues due to this
  • Tacobender219Tacobender219 Posts: 4Player
    Yup. I make sure Im on the right servers. Id rather not deal with EU servers. Its the game itself. Constant let down to be honest.
  • jgvn11jgvn11 Posts: 92Marine Corp Active Duty
    There is no EU ps4 servers.
  • VoidsVetVoidsVet Posts: 13Player
    Eu-central is definitely a server for the game and i ping on those the same as any games eu servers
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