PS4 v1.38 Patch Notes

KartiganKartigan Posts: 84Developer
Hotfix for matchmaking issues.


  • KartiganKartigan Posts: 84Developer
    The matchmaking issue stemmed from fixing a crash in the beacon system. When the crash was fixed, it inadvertently reset some values to default in the beacons which caused them to stall the client connection process. In short, the client would reserve a slot on the server, connect, then do nothing. Instead of: reserve, connect, load map.

    To recreate the issue players were experiencing a server would need to be played on for an entire map. When it got to the next map, the beacon would reset and the issue would occur.

  • DistinctionDistinction Posts: 61Beta Tester
    Thank you Kartigan, and team.

    AAPG Beta
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