Recommended Updates for AAPG on PS4

xX180WOLFXxxX180WOLFXx Posts: 1Player
1. PC maps on PS4.
Will there be PC Maps coming to PS4? The PC maps were much larger than the maps we have on PS4. They have much more detail than the ones on Playstation.
2. New Weapons and/or Mk II variations.
I would greatly appreciate if you were to add more guns to the game. Or maybe add Mk II variations when you reach a certain rank with a gun.
3. New Skins
New skins will be a nice addition to the game and will give players something to work towards.
4. Take-down Game mode
A game mode where people can do takedowns against other players will be nice.
These are the things I request should be added to AAPG on the PS4.
Thank you for your time.
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