A A 5 ?

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There is 57 pages about this so i though i would ask where it will not be overlooked could you give us some idea when we can expect to have this on beta.


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    Back when Hollywood was around, he said that they wanted to try to get something out before the end of 2020. Likely since they want to get the game done before the end of Trump's first term in case the nice cash flow gets cut short by a D victory.
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    They should make remastered AA2. It would be key for success.
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    EDIT: LOL, good point [soldier] :d

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    And so we start the AA5 thread all over again…
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    Everyone should have their own "AAV" thread!!
    Or not, so let this one sink slowly to the bottom of the pit.

    BTW: Those that know anything about any future version of the franchise aren't allowed to say anything, its not about getting overlooked.
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