Map statred: Sheik's Estate... Pre-Vis (in Unreal 4] Compatible with AA:PG



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    Keebler750 wrote: »
    I'd comment on some custom issues with our map making system, but I got kicked off his Discord, so....


    join again, i'm not mean...

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    I would like to apologize to anyone kicked from the Discord server...

    jballou and Keebler in particular, i was drinking heavily due to PTSD, and got an appointment for a mood-stabilizer, so i don't act like a A-Hole.

    Again, i am really sorry and i Love the America's Army community, and out troops, i made bad decisions,...

    Feel free to join Discord again with this link:

    It does not expire.
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    Modtools wrote: »
    good work so far :-)
    @Keebler750 and @Muzza how are you long time no see :awesome:

    especially i am also interested in UE4.
    :-) Love the IDEA of creating an AA in UE4.

    Modtools, as Muzza pointed out, creating maps in AA:PG with UE4 is not possible. I am, however creating, basically an entire map in 3ds max, custom, and importing into Both AA:PG, and UE4... there are no exceptions on FilmbBox (.fbx) import on either AA:PG nor UE4, so it's entirely possibble...

    If you don't have 3ds max, Blender is free,it may take some time to learn, but well worth it, if you like the idea of designing maps. GIMP is alo a free, seamless-tile Image Editor, so try that out too ;)

    I have some progress, however i am stuck and may need to revert to an older saved 3ds max scene:

    Both top and bottom floor rooms carved, however, when i try to cut the doors and windows, it gives me an error, probably because of self-tesellation that editable poly Boolens do... i get a "Operands are self-intersecting" error when i try to Pro Boolean, and Bollean cuz spazzes out.


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    Oh i have some work in maya but its far too new (the version i have) to directly export fbx to use in ue3. But if you export .obj. then you can with an older blender version convert the .obj you can export fbx old enough for direct import into ue3.
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    Thanks, however i already fixed the problem, the 'old-fashioned' way... deleting the roof and floor to make the object Planar, then cutting booleans, then using "Shell" modifier to give th walls depth again, then creating new polygons for the roof and floor, it was a long process but worth it...

    I'm going to optimize the Lear Jet i got, and that will be a C4 Obj.
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    Aha! I solved the "Boolean cutting problem by created each wall, window and door in 3ds max using Splines, then extruding (upwards,) then using EditablePoly's "Create" function in Polygon Mode to create the floors and ceilings, was a bunch of work, about 80% complete with First floor:

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