PC Update: Enhanced VOIP Logging (04 APR 2019)



  • Duke_AudiDuke_Audi Posts: 348Beta Tester
    I received a 500+ MB download on the 4th. I just logged into Steam and saw that AAPG had another update queued. I started it to see how big it was and received a 53MB, yes a little 53 mega byte download. I have no idea what it was as it's not listed on the update page. However, the VOIP update is. Go figure, eh?
  • KartiganKartigan Posts: 84Developer
    We had a group of students from a local convention approach us asking for some extra voip logging so they could run a science experiment.

    The logging details if your voip is active or not. There is no voice recording.

    We apologize for the late notice to server owners. Our normal process has the build sit in opt-in status for final testing but we skipped the full test as it was only logging updates and time was short.
  • -SD-DELTON-ACI--SD-DELTON-ACI- Posts: 1,517Player
    Thank you Kartigan.
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