new update!!!! Eats my shorts ...

Ally_Cat_Jon5215Ally_Cat_Jon5215 Posts: 2Player
i'm truly upset with how far u can break a game till no one wants to play the [TOS Violation] game ty open closed case there are still way to may bugs that still need to be worked on just the other day everything was working fine then i have to delete my app the re install like c'mon guys i understand that it is a free game but for [TOS Violation] sake make it good. on the other hand u have this broken servers like c'mon it takes 2 hours to a half hour just to find a [TOS Violation] match its dumb asf and also to take away the chokes you should have left it like it was not alot of ppl choke n the ones that do die its dumb you would do that to the chokes most unnecessary update i think of all time like i said Eat my Shorts io use to like this game a lot not im just thinking about other games good work devs ACJ out


  • warpig442687227warpig442687227 Posts: 2Player
    Hope this problem really gets resolved real soon! I loved this game. And just when I started getting really into it. This happened. Takes forever to get into a game now! Hope it gets fixed soon!
  • V_NillaV_Nilla Posts: 96Developer
    Apologies all. We've been buried trying to get a new patch out to you PS4 guys. We did revert 1.33 to 1.32. With 1.34, we had fail-safes that we believed would eliminate the matchmaking issues. While it did cull the issues, it did not eliminate them. We are currently reviewing logs that were gathered over the weekend. Expect something soon!
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