Trouble getting games today



  • Rogueagent01Rogueagent01 Posts: 10Player
    Yep i got into a match but i had to get in by joining through a community, the match making wouldn't work.
  • DJHaoleDJHaole Posts: 76Player
    They are still working the issues
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  • Army_Vet_18DArmy_Vet_18D Posts: 15Player
    Seems like they have the same devs as AA3. Havent fixed anything in days. Told us to delete and reinstall. Still doesn’t work. Absolute garbage. As a former member of th army I feel embarrassed they can’t get a single game to work right!!
  • V_NillaV_Nilla Posts: 96Developer
    Apologies all. We've been buried trying to get a new patch out to you PS4 guys. We did revert 1.33 to 1.32. With 1.34, we had fail-safes that we believed would eliminate the matchmaking issues. While it did cull the issues, it did not eliminate them. We are currently reviewing logs that were gathered over the weekend. Expect something soon!
    Yea it's been doing this for a few days.
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