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[mod edit] kick me from the game for no reason and when i join and sit in the spectate section he kicked me again and then forced me to join a team is this acceptable would like to get more info on this please


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    As you was a clan member of [mod edit] you must know their website i would suggest you take up with them there.
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    Just be advised, that naming and shaming players/clans is against the forum rules.

    Server owners are free to do basically anything on their servers. Some servers have rules that you are not allowed to spectate for more than X time/rounds. (Usually the reason behind is ghosting prevention or preventing the server getting filled with AFK players. So this rule is not always bad/nonsense.) As they are the owners of the server, they are free to make such rules.
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    As much as I love freedom, it seems to me that private servers should still be held to 'some' code of ethics, since their actions can reflect poorly on this game. Want to run a server...? Act within The Code.

    This is MY generic opinion, and has nothing to do with the specific situation in the OP, however.

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    As Levente said naming and shaming players/clans is against the forum rules.

    That being said please take the time to read the forum rules here.

    Also please note that Private servers have the freedom to do as they please with their servers. If you do have an issue that you wish to bring to our attention then you can reach out to someone here.
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