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Hello! I've searched the forums for a specific way to get the web tool fully functional and I've come up empty. If I've missed a post regarding this issue I'm about to write about, please shoot me the link!
Server is running Windows Server 2012 R2
I'm running the full punkbuster webtool and I have all the maps in the list appropriately but when I go to restart a map or change map in the PB webtool nothing happens and the server remains unaffected. ALL over PB buttons/command work fine and I'm even streaming ACI successfully.

The syntax for the maplist in the pbuser file is each map separated by a space. it's windows so case sensitivity shouldn't be an issue due to not being linux and lower-case only etc. Yes the maps show up in the drop-down list just fine, but do nothing when selected/used etc.

Is there any insight on if this feature (both map restart and selection buttons) even works?
If anyone has an answer or some insight I'd appreciate it. I will of course give more info if needed.
For now here's the code portion of the maplist in the webtool config and yes the ip and other settings are correct.
pb_sv_httpMaps "BDX_Breach_EX BDX_Checkout_EX BDX_Crossfire_C4 BDX_Crossfire_EX BDX_Furious_TH BDX_Hydra_EX BDX_InnerHospital_EX BDX_InnerHospital_VIP BDX_Intercept_C4 BDX_Intercept_EX BDX_Lockdown_EX BDX_OuterHospital_C4 BDX_Raptus_EX BDX_RedLine_C4 BDX_RedLine_EX BDX_Rusneyev_EX BDX_ShadowStep_EX BDX_Siege_C4 BDX_Siege_EX BDX_SpringStreet_EX BDX_SpringStreet_VIP BDX_Watchdog_C4"

I've also tried adding the .umap extention...no dice.

Thank you for your time and attention.


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    pb Webtools do not support AAPG, as the change map command are different to AA2.

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    Ahh Clarification. Thank you.
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