HI i would like to put a formal complaint againt a server thats hosted on your game.

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[Mod Edit: TOS Violation]server - Reason - Banned for cheating - Evidence NONE - im a lvl 10 player beating up lvl 30s and aboth i'm outraged ive been banned for such things. when clearly you havnt banned me for anything such. nor steam. my vac bans have never been breached.. i am disgusted that after being on the server playing with that community having being banned up intill now for Suspected wall hacking. i have asked for video evidence any but apprently according to Their ADMINS OVER YOURS im a cheat..... so please do me the favour ban me for cheating because im sick of being called a [TOS Violation] cheat. just being im better than you doesnt make me a [TOS Violation] cheat.


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    Just be advised, that naming and shaming players/clans is against the forum rules.

    Server owners are free to do basically anything on heir servers. Unfortunately, this means they are free to ban anyone for whatever reason. Some admins do this, I know the feeling getting banned for killing admins.

    I never heard about the Developers getting involved in any of this drama. My advice to you is to take your ban as a compliment, if you were banned illegitimately. Sometimes when few servers are populated it is annoying to be banned from a specific server, but to be honest it's not really worth it to play with those people (who'd ban you just because, I'm not talking about specific groups here) anyway. The official servers are always open for anyone, unless you were specifically banned by a Dev/Official Admin.
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    Private servers are allowed to do as they please. That's why they're privately hosted and operated. Naming and shaming/bad-mouthing clans or players is not allowed on these forums.
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