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Ix-M0NTANA-xIIx-M0NTANA-xI Posts: 98Player
When a party of 5 join a room, they should be on the same team.

It amazing that this is still an issue. F


  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,594Beta Tester
    So, I'm unclear.... are you saying you would really, please, like to get that fixed, or....what?

    By the way, I always like to point out to people who seem to know a thing or two about game design that Epic has a really cool SDK available for FREE for people who'd like to build a perfect game! Check out:

    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
  • LIL-GHOSTLIL-GHOST Posts: 35Player
    edited March 4
    Usually when you jump into a room the teams are already kind of set so it kind of scrambles your crew... But if you wait for the new match to start you should all be on the same team again, if you joined as a pre made squad
  • V_NillaJV_NillaJ Posts: 49Developer
    Montana, the fact that I knew that you posted this, just by looking at the title alone... I'm to the point where unless I see a change from your regular posting theme, I will no longer respond to your posts. If you are requesting information, that's fine; I have no issue with that. If you are here insufferably complaining, causing argument with other users, and not cohesively contributing or participating, I will lock your posts. We LOVE having active participation in the forums from our community. We do not love constant negativity.

    We are aware of the issue. We are working this issue, as well as other matchmaking and private lobby improvements. This has been mentioned in other threads. Keep in mind, this is not a triple-A studio. We are not staffed to maintain the kinds of cycles that other studios can. Please be patient, and know that we are constantly working to maintain and improve the game, every single day.
  • TheSparc19TheSparc19 Posts: 8Player
    Try playing with the guy, jeez
  • OICURMT!OICURMT! Posts: 111Beta Tester
    TheSparc19 wrote: »
    Try playing with the guy, jeez

    I LOL'd...

    In life, there is no respawn... why should there be in a game?
  • xD_E_S_T_R_O_YxD_E_S_T_R_O_Y Posts: 1Player
    Montana has been playing two years and is still average at best, also he doesn’t have the ability to think about it logically. A party of 6 joins a lobby that has 4 people so it’s 2v2, with his fail thought process he would want it to be 8v2.

    Lol lol

    He can’t play competitive so he sticks to pubs which isn’t his fault Villa, you might have to cut him some slack
  • ={101st}=Muzza455={101st}=Muzza455 Posts: 1,012Player
    No slack i say . Too many negative or argumentative posts against the game . We need positive feedback not whining about stuff thats not perfect.
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