Crashing with "Out of Memory" but obv not the case

weksauceweksauce Posts: 15Player
I've been having trouble with my PC lately, it feels slow on everything.

Crashed with "out of memory...exiting" just now, so I've attached my logfile.

Any good troubleshooting ideas would be much appreciated.

Used to have no trouble, ran the game at 60fps no problem, same system. Now, it's around 30fps on most maps, sometimes more like 50. I tried downgrading a lot of my video settings... no dice.


  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 656Moderator
    Let's see if your system is reporting what you think that you have installed, incase you have a hardware problem.

    Post your dxdiag log please.
      Go to Windows Logo....then ALL PROGRAMS....then ACCESSORIES....then RUN
      From the Windows desktop, press the Windows key and the R key to open the Run window.
    Type:dxdiag <hit enter>
    It will gather the information
    make sure that you check the 64 bit if using 64 bit operating system
    Choose Save All Information....Save it to your desktop
    Then Exit or Minimize dxdiag
    Open the file you just saved and hit keys CTRL+A (this will select all text)
    Right Click on the highlighted text and Choose Copy
    In a Reply Post....Right Click and Paste
    You can Close and Delete that File off your desktop.
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