Game Update - 2.07.2019

KartiganKartigan Posts: 84Developer
edited February 2019 in News & Announcements
- Unresponsive input during loading screen(s).


  • V_NillaV_Nilla Posts: 96Developer
    This is the fix that allows players to skip videos at the beginning of matches on PS4. GG @Kartigan !
  • CroatanWolfCroatanWolf Posts: 1Player
    Thank You.....
  • Since the last update, I can no longer finish my weapons challenges at the shooting range. For both the M24 and the grenade, no matter how much I win gold with the reward conditions, nothing does... During the penultimate update, there was already this problem with the shooting range.... Thank you for your answer and your work! #PC
  • JHFOX13JHFOX13 Posts: 1Player
    Can we get some new maps and weapons, and the ability to view stats in the main menu by any chance?
    On PS4.
  • MewtwoMewtwo Posts: 308Player
    omg go to the web and see your rank
  • V_NillaV_Nilla Posts: 96Developer
    @JHFOX13 , in order to link your PS4 account and see your stats on our website, you will need to do the following:
    1.) Create an account at
    2.) Login to your account at
    3.) Navigate to the “Account” Tab
    4.) Proceed to the “External Accounts” tab on the left side of the screen.
    5.) Scroll down to PS4 and “Connect” your account – using your PSN login information.
    6.) Once you have connected your PSN account – navigate back to the “Profile” tab to view your stats.
    7.) On the header bar where you see “PC” – click on PC and drop down and select “PS4” in order to see console-specific stats.
  • ChiiiToHChiiiToH Posts: 13Player
    Any news on an update for PS4? I've heard rumors of maps being added. If so, I'd like to get in on early access if possible?
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