Game Update - 2.07.2019

KartiganKartigan Posts: 84Developer
edited February 6 in News & Announcements
- Unresponsive input during loading screen(s).


  • V_NillaJV_NillaJ Posts: 43Developer
    This is the fix that allows players to skip videos at the beginning of matches on PS4. GG @Kartigan !
  • CroatanWolfCroatanWolf Posts: 1Player
    Thank You.....
  • Since the last update, I can no longer finish my weapons challenges at the shooting range. For both the M24 and the grenade, no matter how much I win gold with the reward conditions, nothing does... During the penultimate update, there was already this problem with the shooting range.... Thank you for your answer and your work! #PC
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