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IDK if there is something wrong with the app or just the game in general registering specific information. But does anyone else have issues with certain stats being completely incorrect? OR Am I misunderstanding something...

1- My round highscore is greater than my match highscore which is way too low
2-There is an award given for killing an enemy with a Cerv weapon, I've done this many times but don't have the award.... This issue applies to multiple other awards.

Things like this make me question the accuracy of all the other stats displayed.


  • frankoffrankof Posts: 977Moderator
    Match and round score is broken and reported sins a long time.
    As for the Czervanian weapon challenges, i got both taste your own medicine and arms dealer, so i guess they work.
  • LIL-GHOSTLIL-GHOST Posts: 35Player
    Okay but something is definitely wrong, maybe it went bad after you got it IDK. the app even displays me having kill counts for each of the czervanian weapons, yet the award is grey still. Doesn't that contradict itself?
  • DJHaoleDJHaole Posts: 73Player
    If you are talking about the BattleGrounds GG app you should let @Correktd know @LIL-GHOST
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  • LIL-GHOSTLIL-GHOST Posts: 35Player
    If you are talking about the BattleGrounds GG app you should let @Correktd know @LIL-GHOST
    Ok thanks
  • ={101st}=Whiplash27={101st}=Whiplash27 Posts: 2,080Player
    Stats are busted in general. The game seems to selectively pick when to track my stats. I've had tons of games that never show up at all on my stats and it's not the AAStats site because the stats on there match my AA profile.
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