Game chat issue with multiple users in the same house ?

I have noticed an issue I can't quite seem to figure out, and can't seem to find anything with Google because of people's problems trying to figure out chatting in private chat rooms. I am having an issue hearing anyone when playing AA in game chat. When I play normally, I have never had any issues transmitting, or receiving any voice comms. My problem comes when my son plays at the same time. If for example I am in a game, then he joins my game, there are no issues. If I open up a lobby so we can be on the same team, for whatever reason I lose all incoming comms from the game. I have all my 'regular audio', just no chatting from anyone at all. On my son's side he can hear me, everyone in the server can hear me, but I can't hear a thing. I have invited other friends before into a room before we play, and haven't had any issues at all either. I'm wondering if this has something to do with the both of us having the same IP address, or maybe my bandwidth is too low to handle both consoles at the same time? The latter doesn't make much logical sense to me, because we have no issues when we join a game separately.

As far as my home setup goes, I live out in the 'sticks', so I'm stuck with some crappy 10 Meg DSL service. I have a whole house filter right next to the drop at the house. Brand new cat5 from there to my modem, out of there and into a gigabit switch, with one line dedicated to my main PS4. My son's is on wifi from the router.

Any ideas, or things to try? I'm out of ideas, and figured someone here might have had a similar issue.



  • LIL-GHOSTLIL-GHOST Posts: 35Player
    I have had issues with chat as well. Specifically if we set up a Playstation party chat first, and then squad up in game before joining a server. If we switch to game chat from the PlayStation party chat at this point there are issues. the only way to fix them from there on is for everybody in the PlayStation party chat to leave the party chat and restart the AA application. Start a new squad AA and join a game together without ever first making a PlayStation party chat. once we are in Game and alive we can hear each other... there is something going on between the PlayStation party chat & the in-game chat I believe that causes issues...

    It's annoying because being in the PlayStation party chat makes it very easy to organize together. however we all prefer to switch to in-game chat prioritization because then we can communicate with other members of our team & the in-game volume slightly goes up allowing us to hear more details versus when the PlayStation party chat is prioritized.

    There have been times when we figured all this out and then another friend tries to squad up with us and sends us a PlayStation party chat invite. None of us accept it because we don't want our comms to be glitched. Then we all have to stop what we're doing to message the new friend about what's going on because chances are by starting his PlayStation party chat he has already glitched his comms.

    The glitch does not always occur, so some of my friends disagree with me. However the fix always works. And the only connection I can seem to find is that when the glitch does occur it's right after we all switched prioritization from the PlayStation party chat to the game... At this point even if you leave your party chat it does not fix it. You must leave party and reset the application...
  • LIL-GHOSTLIL-GHOST Posts: 35Player
    It would be nice if in game when you squad up with friends you guys could hear each other while in the menu... Or possibly even during loading screens. The fact that we cannot speak in the main menu while we are in a squad together is quite annoying, that's where the PlayStation party chat comes in to help.....but then we risk glitching out our comms even if only one person experiences the glitch, it ruins the experience for everyone.
  • P1MPSKiLLETP1MPSKiLLET Posts: 4Player
    Well all that being said, I never use party chat, because I like to chat and hear from everyone. I just know if we squad up before hand, I never hear a single person, and he hears it all. I'll try it again here in a day or two and have him host the squad and see if the reverse happens.
  • jgvn11jgvn11 Posts: 81Marine Corp Active Duty
    It has happened to me. We would switch between PS party and game chat and others can hear some or none, and I could talk to everyone in game chat, or vise versa. Usually when the map changes or we look for a new lobbie it gets fixed.
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