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DJHaoleDJHaole Posts: 76Player
I have been thinking about his a lot as we prepare for our next league season... @aaHollywood @Kartigan

So we have revives set to none for the League, but can you talk with the gang about having a separate revive setting for VIPs. IE set 1 revive for the VIP...

I would like to hear feedback from players as well, hopefully it makes sense.
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  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,607Beta Tester
    Yeah, I'm betting the resident wunderkind (Kartigan) would have to do that in code. Don't think the VIP can be separated from other players in that way easily. Funny, he's got his own health setting though! Not sure, but...

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  • aaHollywoodaaHollywood Posts: 372Developer
    Interesting request, and a good one. I'll check with @Kartigan for you, Shane.
  • xBEMx_FoxxxBEMx_Foxx Posts: 17Player
    we should be able to set our owe time limits and stuff like that were we play how we want to would be nice.
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