[PC] Weapon Challenges Not Working

(shh)zer0(shh)zer0 Posts: 2Player
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Hello everyone, Merry Christmas

I've recently been having this problem with AAPG on shoot house with all my weapons. So basically I need a bronze medal or higher to proceed to the next challenge but most of the time I end up earning a gold medal. So after I'm finished with shoot house I go back into a regular to notice that the challenge still isn't working. This also applies for every weapon I get a medal on

Here are some screenshots...


  • (shh)zer0(shh)zer0 Posts: 2Player
    Someone else also told me they're having this same problem so hopefully there's a fix so I can link them here :)
    Dev's said they would've fixed it by the first or second week of December, but that never happened, so you will have to wait.
  • Freanky21Freanky21 Posts: 1Player
    Same probleme here, gun challenge done work
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  • Is there any chance of an update as to when this will be fixed?
  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,045Moderator
    It was fixed in early december, but network issues stopped the upload to the steam servers, so no update yet.
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