My three biggest pet peeves with AAPG right now.



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    Maybe we can teach the community what a PCS from North Carolina to Okinawa is like. You know, for the realism.
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    Oh, another interesting idea that I thought of would be a type of create your soldier type thing like Madden or any of those other games. You'd get out of bootcamp with the stock points for each category. Give players time to get a feel for the game. Then one you reach a certain rank (PFC or SPC) the player is given a chance to reallocate their points to different ability categories to make their soldier fit their play style. Once you set your points you can't edit them again until you get promoted to the next level.

    Some ideas for categories:
    Marksmanship - The ability to hold your rifle steady (sway)
    Weapon Control - ability to control recoil
    Stealth - How loud your footsteps are
    Athleticism - How fast you move, vault, and get fatigued. Maybe how far you can throw grenades.
    Bravery - How much you are affected by being shot at and being injured
    Leadership - Extends the range of a player's influence over his teammates (doesn't need to be as close) and the extent of that influence (reducing penalties).

    If players wish for one category to be increased, they have to drop another one. There could also be a variable to set all players to the standard numbers for competition if needed.

    So in this situation, a player would have the same number of points to use regardless of rank? That's the only way I could see this work.

    If you earn more points as you rank up, I wouldn't like it. I'm not sure I like it as I understand it, but it's interesting. It's a level playing field in the sense that everyone has the same number of points to work with, but some players will be stronger in certain areas than others depending on point allocation.

    Right, the only way I'd say it would make sense for players to earn additional points would be for completing training (gives incentive to complete it and is available to all players without jumping into a game), not in game experience

    I'll also add a category for Intelligence which affects the time it takes to take objectives and perform medical actions.

    From a competitive standpoint it could be interesting as long as there's not a OP set-up somewhere. Different players may specialize their characters differently based on their play style or role in the team. The best balance would probably be to make sure certain skills have a downward cap so guys aren't putting 0 points into a category so they can max out another.
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