aloced - PunkBuster Multihack VIOLATION-71529

I got a PunkBuster Multihack Violation a few days ago. This is a false positive.

My background: I have been part of the community for over 15 years. I have been in the -=USA=- and I’m now part of the ^AWA^ clan. I was a beta tester for over two years and used to comb over screenshots in ACI looking for wallers. So, I am very active in the community and want to keep the game pure, as a lot of you already know.

So here I am, falsely accused of hacking, so what next?


I sent in my trouble ticket to evenbalance (the people who make PunkBuster). I am waiting on a response.


PunkBuster is broke. The software is ancient. The software is not supported. It has not been really updated since 2014 and even than I’m sure it was just a few bug fixes.

Without any real developers actually coding and caring, PunkBuster will continue to trigger false flags and others will be subject to the stigma of being accused of hacking. Looking at the passion in other forums, I can see this is already happening.

The fact that PunkBuster can’t tell you what triggered it is comical to me. That is what good software should do. The notion that anti-cheat software must be hidden with secrecy is complete bunk. Its just an easy way to hide behind broken software.


Having PunkBuster trigger on a false positive is very damaging as it will destroy reputations people have built for years. The trust is lost. Your online life you have spent so much time on can and will be destroyed. I would even argue steam would lose revenue because of things like this. People will leave steam altogether.


Luckily, I have the resources to put up a very good fight. I take defamation of my character very seriously.


Since there are no developers at evenbalance, I will work with any dev from AAPG to help resolve this. I will even let you log onto my computer and poke around. I will provide you with anything you need to figure out what went wrong. I would think something like this should be important. Because at this point, it could happen to anyone playing AAPG.


I have setup a new steam, new AAPG account and I’m using my VPN (new IP) to see if I can trigger this again. There is something on my machine and I hope it will trigger again.

With all this said, I understand people will just say I hack, and I completely understand. I just ask to think about what this really is; old unsupported software that is barely working as it is. As time goes on, it will only get worse and others will be swept into this, also damaging their reputations.

I appreciate the support and help from people who really know me and my integrity. I am in it for the long haul. I will not let this slide.



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