reasons why bridge is the best map in aapg

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(applies only to servers where snipers are open to all, which is most of them)

1) sniper 1v1 is the bomb
- some of the best snipers in the game play bridge - try your luck if you think you're the [TOS Violation]
- m4 is still important for clearing/guarding space for snipers and also to rush; adds a wildcard factor to the game, but isn't the primary weapon

2) skill is the main determinant of success
- the map layout is very simple so map knowledge isn't an advantage for anyone
- there are few if any places to camp until it's the end game and you're defence
- suppression/effects are not as much of a factor since battles occur mostly at long range
- sightlines are long and straight and most of of the time you'll need to get headshots
- although the map is simple you'll need to be able to throw nades properly, as most targets are high up (windows for example)
- for these reasons the only advantage you're going to have is skill, because everything else is less of a factor

3) bridge is exciting!
- the end game on D is super fun. Imagine 5v1 and they're rushing and there's only a few places to hide for everyone
- it's possible to fight off rushes like this and it's really fun when you do that

4) team work is absolutely essential for winning
- because the map is so imbalanced for D, the only way you'll ever win is by attacking together (especially late game)
- it's possible to win versus D but only if you have a team that's communicating. period.

5) smoke is absolutely essential (much more so than any other map)
the only way to move forward in bridge is through the careful placement of smoke grenades

6) i learned a few things in bridge i didn't know before:
- there's a proper way to sight up (sight up and immediately peek left/right). gives you a microsecond to avoid a headshot and shoot back
- defence can see farther than attack (not sure this is map specific or the game is like that)

7) it's the only original map still in rotation!!!


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    The best map is the map that will make you have an higher % of success in every other map. Bridge doesn't do that. A good player in bridge, overall, is not a good player in other maps. On the other hand, a good player on a map that requires a wider skill on multiple sectors, will most likely be a good player on bridge as well.

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    Well, there's that. But, specialists specialize.

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    I think I liked bridge the first month I played the original America's Army, then I avoided the map like the plague ever since. It was crazy because it had a huge following who would only play that map all the time.
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    Bridge was the Inner Hospital - easy to understand and play (but with such easily iterated dominant strategies that getting any kind of edge was quite a challenge!)

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    And as for one team being able to see further is based on where the fog is and where the sun hits the fog. IMO Bridge night is best based on it being equal for both teams, not regarding the covers and blockades defense team has available. But not being foggy. Both teams have the same chances, and only here does skill actually matter :)

    The bad parts about bridge is the early spam and the blind shots ppl make because they know enemys most used positions.

    Bridge is a classic, same as hospital.

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    Everyone has different opinions about different stuff man. But I got to say, Bridge is one of my fav maps and 2nd fav when it comes to sniper battles!


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