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    hey soldier, are you on the official AAPG discord? If so let me know your nick in there to get in touch with you about some weird player stats.

    Over 2k Golden Hawkeyes.
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    I see the thread you are talking about. I am reasonably certain that those stats are exactly what we are pulling from the stats engine but I will verify it.

    I can also compile some numbers from just the matches that we have history for to compare with, but that will take a bit longer.
  • [soldier][soldier] Posts: 171Player
    Copy of Discord post:

    I dug a bit into the stats for this player and what we are reporting on the site matches the raw data we are getting from the stats engine:

    [name] => EnemyKilledM249
    [value] => 116864

    [name] => ShotsFiredM249
    [value] => 199745

    [name] => ShotsHitM249
    [value] => 549328

    [name] => ShotsHitM249Head
    [value] => 49459

    [name] => ShotsHitM249LowerTorso
    [value] => 100700

    [name] => ShotsHitM249UpperTorso
    [value] => 395020(edited)

    Besides the shots fired/shots hit weirdness, I noticed the Shots Hit stats did not tally correctly either, so I checked the next 2 players on the leaderboard:


    [name] => EnemyKilledM249
    [value] => 9347

    [name] => ShotsFiredM249
    [value] => 494598

    [name] => ShotsHitM249
    [value] => 51301

    [name] => ShotsHitM249Head
    [value] => 3969

    [name] => ShotsHitM249LowerTorso
    [value] => 15072

    [name] => ShotsHitM249UpperTorso
    [value] => 32260


    [name] => EnemyKilledM249
    [value] => 565

    [name] => ShotsFiredM249
    [value] => 36699

    [name] => ShotsHitM249
    [value] => 2925

    [name] => ShotsHitM249Head
    [value] => 270

    [name] => ShotsHitM249LowerTorso
    [value] => 624

    [name] => ShotsHitM249UpperTorso
    [value] => 2031
    These stats tally correctly.

    I think what we are seeing here is just some bugged stats, or perhaps a test account that they just dumped some raw numbers into.

    I know when Hollywood was here he had a channel to the stats DB team and got them to reset the stats for a few accounts that were at the top of the shoot house scoreboards.

    Just out of curiosity I'm going to run a query over the matches for this player and isolate his M249 stats to see if the numbers for his matches are consistently off.
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    edited June 2019
    Copy of Discord post:

    Well it was a good idea while it lasted…

    Unfortunately going through the match data I discovered much to my extreme unhappiness that ShotsFiredxxx are not kept per match. And the only ShotsHit stat that is kept is ShotsHitxxxHead for some reason.

    Obviously without ShotsFired and a full ShotsHit stats set by match there is no way to run any kind of percentages over time other than using checkpoints and calculating a delta, which is only helpful if the player is still active. :thumbsdown:
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    We have added the new M17 and SCAR-H challenges to the player stats page for both platforms:

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    Thanks Soldier!
  • Thirdeye1180Thirdeye1180 Posts: 1Player
    Bro I love this game it's the best team play strategy shooter game out I just wish u would fix the hit detection and the absolute horrible lag. You guys add maps and other stuff but do nothing to the servers it stinks man. You all are sitting on a gold mind I would buy this game if u came out with a new one that actually worked . Please please fix this before u go adding anything
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    The guy in this thread doing the work to add stats and whatnot is not employed by Army Game Studios. Same goes for the map makers out there pumping out custom maps - they're regular dudes like you and I.

    As far as official updates (not bug fixes) to AAPG go, I'm pretty sure they're done adding new features and are focusing on AA5.
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    edited March 2020
    We have added a Time Period option to the Top Players List. In addition to the previously available All-time list, the following time periods can be selected for display:

    • Previous day
    • Previous 7 days
    • Previous 30 days


    The list can be sorted by any of the stats columns (Kills, K/D Ratio, Exp Points, Matches Won, Win Pct, and Hours). When the list is sorted by K/D Ratio or Win Pct, only players who meet a minimum number of matches played are included depending on which time period is chosen (1 day - 1 match, 7 days - 5 matches, 30 days - 15 matches).

    Previous day stats are rolled over between 0100-0200 CT (UTC −06:00) depending on the availability of the stats engine.
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    We had a VIP request to add Revives, Secures, and Takedowns to the Top Players List. Those items are now available for all time period selections:

  • LWOF_BrOkenArrowLWOF_BrOkenArrow Posts: 378Player
    For either of the stats sites, would it be possible to add an ability to to view the KDR for each weapon.

    For instance, view the number of times I've died whilst having the M4A1 equipped (in hand/active) and the number of kills I've gotten with the M4A1 (or any other weapon), displayed as a ratio.

    I think it would be very cool, as it would give players a more in depth idea of how they perform with various weapons, and maybe even some bragging rights.

    Army SROTC Cadet

  • [soldier][soldier] Posts: 171Player
    There is no way for us to know in the stats engine what weapon you were carrying when you were killed.
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    Over the past week we have been doing some housecleaning and re-arranging of the leaderboards over at

    We have consolidated the Official and Unofficial sections of the leaderboards into one Other Leaderboards section, and removed many leaderboards that were made redundant by the Top Players List. The remaining leaderboards now reflect the time period selected for the Top Players List and the active time period is shown with the Other Leaderboards section header:


    Detailed notes on the individual leaderboards:
    • Highest All-Time Score, Most Match Wins, Top Friendly Revivers, Top Enemy Securers, Highest K/D, and Most Takedowns have been removed since those numbers are already available in the Top Players List.

    • Highest Match Score is sourced from match data for the 1/7/30-day time periods and should be correct. All-time match high scores are currently sourced directly from the AAPG stats system and unfortunately do not always reflect a player's best match score. We are working on a solution to re-tabulate all-time high match scores based on a combination of the current highest match score list, individual player stats, and match data. Players who are on the current highest match score list will be taken into account even if their player stats record no longer contains their highest match score.

    • Highest Round Score was removed because it contains inaccurate values and we cannot re-tabulate the leaderboard since the scores for individual rounds are not available in the match data.

    • Most Played Maps includes match counts for the 1/7/30-day time periods. The all-time Most Played Maps numbers are sourced from the AAPG stats system which does not include match counts.

    • Challenge Coins and Most [Dev] Kills are sourced directly from the AAPG stats system. Unfortunately those stats are not available in the match data, so those 2 leaderboards are only shown when All-Time is selected. We are working on a solution to provide 1/7/30-day time period data for those leaderboards.
  • July2020July2020 Posts: 6Player
    Will you have in the future the option of displaying stats from a date range (progress), or ability to select which maps to include in the stat display?
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    edited September 2020
    We have completed re-tabulating the individual player Match High Score and all-time Highest Match Scores.

    The recalculated high match scores are based on a combination of the official highest match score list, individual player stats, and match data. Players who were on the official highest match score list were taken into account even if match data was not available and their player stats record no longer contained their highest match score.

    We also refactored the Match High Score in the Player History charts. Viewing the Match High Score player history will show the player's Match High Score for the time period, rather than bouncing up and down as it did previously:


    Going forward, the player Match High Score and all-time Highest Match Scores leaderboard will be derived from match data rather than taken from the player information in the stats engine.

    We have also removed the Highest Round Score from the player stats page because it contains inaccurate values which cannot be re-tabulated since the scores for individual rounds are not available in the stats engine.
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    We have added Revives, Secures, and Takedowns to the Clan Players List on the Clan Statistics page, similar to the Top Players List on the main page. Each statistics column in the Clan Players List is sortable. The new fields have also been added to the Clan Statistics Summary:

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    It's not always about the kills and the K/D ratio!

    Which players have been helping their teams complete the mission? Find out with the new Objectives leaderboard at


    For the All-time leaderboard, there is a popup menu to break out the leaderboard by objective type (Activated/Captured/Extracted):


    For the 1/7/30-day leaderboards, detailed objective stats are not available through the match data so currently those are limited to total objectives:


    We are working on a solution to get objective break out data for the 1/7/30-day leaderboards Coming Soon™.

  • [canaglia]kaledo[canaglia]kaledo Posts: 20Player
    Very nice! It need just the clan rosters map... then will be great
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    The Clan Statistics page has been expanded to display statistics for tournament teams registered on the web site.

    You can use the updated Clan/Team Statistics page to review your team's skills when preparing for your next scrimmage or tournament match, or do opposition research for your upcoming matches.

    To show team statistics, click the More Options disclosure triangle in the Player Stats Search section to reveal the additional search fields, enter the URL for the team in the Clan/Team Roster URL field, then click Search:


    The Team Players List is a version of the Top Players List limited to players who are members of the team roster:


    Displayed player statistics are all-time statistics and not limited to any specific tournament.

    How to Find a Team's URL
    1. Go to the tournaments page for the game and platform:


    2. Click a tournament item to show the tournament page, then click the Participants tab to display the tournament teams list:


    3. Click a team item to display the team page:


    4. Copy and paste the URL from your web browser URL field to the Clan/Team Roster URL field in the Player Stats Search section of the page.

    How Team Players are Linked to Their Stats
    Players are not always listed on tournament rosters by their in-game names. Custom fields defined by the tournament admin in the registration setup can be used to identify players. This is the sequence that is used to link players to their AAPG stats:
    1. Fields containing the terms 'soldier' or 'name' (PC/PS4) will be used to search for the player by name. Examples: "Soldier Name with tag", "In-Game Name"

    2. Fields containing the terms 'guid' or 'steam" (PC) will be used as the player GUID (17 or 32 characters). Examples: "Steam ID", "GUID"

    3. Fields containing the term 'psn' (PS4) will be used to search for the player by name. Example: "PSN ID"

    4. As a last resort, the player name from the team roster will be used to search for the player.
    Players on the team roster who could not be found in the stats system will be listed with a rank of N/A:


    PS4 players with missing stats should do the one-time setup on to link their PSN profile to their AAPG account. For PC players with missing stats who are linked by GUID or Steam ID, the player should play some rounds in an ACI streaming server to become known to our player GUID/stats cross-reference system.

    If you don't see the expected results when displaying team statistics (missing players or no players with stats), make sure that you have the correct Platform selected in the Player Stats Search section.

    Thanks to the team at for partnering with to make this feature possible!
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    We have added a Player Statistics Summary section to the main page showing the Average, Median (middle value), Minimum, and Maximum values for each of the main statistics:


    The Player Statistics Summary is available for all time periods (All-time and 1/7/30 days). In order to be included in the summary table, players have to meet a minimum number of matchers played for the time period being shown:

    1 day: 1 match
    7 days: 5 matches
    30 days: 15 matches
    All-time: 50 matches

    Histogram breakout charts are not available for the Player Statistics Summary due to the large number of players included in the table.

    Thanks to Fredswar1 on the AA Discord for suggesting this new feature!
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