Weapon Challenge - M249 not working??, (got GOLD twice)

GoodforUGoodforU Posts: 2Player
Hi there, and thank you for your help

M249 SAW novice III
Bronze or better on the M249 shoot house.

I've been trying to complete this challenge, I got GOLD twice already at the M249 shoot house but the challenge doesn't get marked in the game, any solutions??

Also, it'd be nice to hace some kind of traking your challenge medals on the weapon selection screen. :awesome:

Thank you!!!!


  • }{Gorilla}{}{Gorilla}{ Posts: 622Administrator
    The shoot house achievements are not working at the moment. The problem has been detected and will be fixed on the next game release. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • GoodforUGoodforU Posts: 2Player

    Thank you for the info!!

  • PaleFingazPaleFingaz Posts: 1Player
    I got the same problem with all weapon challenges, is it normal? how long is gonna take the new release?
  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 599Moderator
    No date for the update has been released.
  • aaHollywoodaaHollywood Posts: 355Developer
    First or second week of December.
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