What is your plans in taking the nonstop of cheaters and modders out of the game as it seems to be a non-stoppable force in any game that we play from gta to this game i mean this game is more less the best game i personally have played but if the cheating gets as bad as other games then whats the point in playing


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    I'm hoping that you have another account, and that you're not making this silly claim based on under two hours of gameplay.

    There aren't that many cheaters. Certainly not "non-stop."
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    There aren't that many cheaters. Certainly not "non-stop."

    That's because they are gone before you even realize they were there, you have people like cokecola that are actively watching players and banned over 30+ players last 4 weeks alone. And you have people like myself searching the web for the publicly posted programs they use to send them over to EvenBalance so they can make them detectable. You are right about it not being non-stop, though for some reason it has increased after the last patch, still trying to figure that one out myself.
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    There are admins that actively watch servers. However if you find something you wish to report then please feel free to fill one out here.

    Also try to have an uncut or untampered video of the abuse. Keep in mind that some players are just great at the game. This game has been out for 16 years and a lot of us are vets to this game. Keep in mind that if you see a newer account playing vary well, chances are that this is the player's 2nd 3rd 4th account. Many of us have a bunch of accounts to throw off other players. Rank really means nothing for the most part.

    Last thing that I will mention is that no matter the game there are always going to be hackers. That is just the risk we all take and that is just the facts.

    I am going to shut this down before it becomes another topic where everyone is discussing cheats or hackers.
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