Some audio fails to play

So, I have been playing quite a bit of this game for a while now. Every update seems to reset stuff and screw up something just a little bit more with the sound.

I am not ruling out that it is not me, It very well might just be but it is only with this game.
Audio that fails to play,
Grenade Pin
Grenade bouncing

I have been dealing with this for a while but its becoming to annoying anymore, I play by sound, listening to the footsteps and such to know where I need to be looking who might be closer, do I need to run away etc. It is very random throughout the matches when it decides to not play the audio for these. I have been dying to grenades A lot more because I do not hear them what so ever. People are able to RUN up behind me without me hearing them.

I bounce between Corsair Void pro 7.1 headsets and the Hyper X Cloud 2 but the same issue is with both.

When I ask others I am playing with they all seem to be able to hear it, however some have said after the last update the sounds for them are also messed up, For me The missing grenade audio started after the last update, the footsteps about a year ago.

Any help?


    There are multiple values to look at here, I have realized that some sounds do not play and I die more often, it seems that if you are moving less sounds begin to play, and in the engine.ini in the my documents folder, there is a max variable for those values, so if there is literally a warzone (many sounds playing at the same time), there is a set limit to reduce this, which can cause problems.
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