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This discussion was created from comments split from: AA:PG - Playstation 4 Update Changelog.
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  • how often are the updates released for PS4
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    how often are the updates released for PS4

    It really depends on what you consider as an "update". If you mean content/new-features. Seems like we only got four of those this year - judging by the OP.

    Not many patches/hotfixes either -- when compared to the year 2017 -- and then again, the game only launched mid-way in the year 2017 at that.

    However there seems to have only been 2 updates with content in 2017 whereas there were 4 in 2018, so I guess you could call it an improvement. Despite how trivial it is.

    But then again, you can't really call it an improvement b/c as I said, the game launched half-way in 2017.
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