Custom code in .umap file????? does a dev know?

Is it possible to put custom c++, c, python, java, etc inside a .umap file to do stuff in your level? will punkbuster say no? is there an option?

Im going into software engineering and basically ready to start at entry level once i finish my VM, a few of my own algorithms, etc, and was thinking it would be cool to run custom code in a .umap file. like maybe modify hex values for gravity or alter run speeds in certain areas that are wide open, depending on what a bool says or whatever. just wacky fun stuff to make some cool arcade maps.

i have not looked to try, but just wanted to know if there was a definitive yes or no answer right off the bat before i even try.


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    if its possible to code stuff like that in, i would definitely have some fun....
    make a jetpack key.
    make new weapons.
    make a key to reduce friction.

    whatever is possible.
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    Is it possible to put custom c++, c, python, java, etc inside a .umap file to do stuff in your level?

    Limitations are probably going to be game client related. From my limited experience in mapping for AAPG.. whatever you can get to work on your side does not always translate to others in the game environment.
    It's a good question but I can't see how you could get anything custom, such as animations, new weapons, vehicles etc.. to work without being able to manipulate the actual games code and game packages. Then again I've always thought mappers are limited to mapping tools but people have blown me away with things in maps that I didn't think possible.. so maybe? I'd say your question is certainly more suited to the dev/s responsible for the map editor.

    I do know that certain things can be done within the editor, custom assets (static meshes, materials etc..) can be distributed with your map file but you can also do a lot with kismet (eg, fancy explosions, custom triggers/actions) and special volumes (like moon physics, damage, ), crazy stuff like that.. but something tells me that to actually put in usable vehicles and weapons, new animations to go with them and sounds etc.. would require far too many other custom configs that even if you could get them to work would probably not only give you a massive headache to get to work but also balloon your map filesize to well above whatever the limit is.

    Sorry I couldn't help but what you want to try sounds exciting, so I certainly wish you luck!
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