Basic ideas that would make gameplay better.

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Ill start off with this, and leave it open for other ideas, to hopefully build upon a already great design. A visual confirmed hit, something that is definitively showing me, yes im hitting my target. Blood, puncture noise. Maybe my character saying something. Could be blood and audio cue at longer ranges, like " hes hit" and blood with puncture noise at close range. I think a hit marker wouldnt be very Americas proving grounds, and i like that its not in the game, at least on ps4 because then it becomes a lil arcade ish. Also i know zip tying shuts the character up, but does it stop the player from chating with teammates? If they havent been zip tied and still laying, waiting to be healed, then yeah, why not have chat... till they fully die. Also, where is the knife? Take downs are fun, and feel super bad [TOS Violation], but visual having a knife in hand has more emersion and would add another layer to achievements and camos to unlock, even alternate knives. To access knife hold down swap weapon button. And could even be an unlockable by doing a tier of take down challenges. I know the cz is zippy do da, could come before that to keep the take downs fresh and a nice thing to achieve on the way to becoming a black belt, making the grind that more enjoyable. And could add a slot before the equipment like nads and flash, to change between take downs hand/knife. The right side touch pad shows how many of my teammates are alive but not opponents. For example im last guy left in round 10, there might be 1 or 2 left on opponents team. I know so and so on opponents team has been sniping all game, yup hes still alive, ok i can make a tactical decision with this information.


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    Watch the kill feed, or just know that you kill them or not. Unless they are in a party, their voice is off in game once they are zipped or fully dead. A knife would be alright.
    The specific button to show alive team mates is pointless. Press the center pad right so see the score board, and it shows you.
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    It would've been better if you had listed your ideas with bullets or something.

    I guess the idea with the knife might work. But keep in mind that this is game is rated T for Teen. Too much gore might take it up a notch to M for mature -- which may not be within the interest of the Army.

    Showing how many enemies are left would take away from the tactical feel that this game has. You can look at the deaths on the enemy scoreboard to calculate how many may not be alive. You can do this by looking at the # of deaths each enemy has before/at-the-start of the round, and then noticing any differences in that number when you check your score board.

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  • Wiseguy21Wiseguy21 Posts: 18Player
    Clearly i could do these things regarding players left. Point of discussion, how am i keeping count of my teamates dead or alive, the map, yeah thats a way, kill feed, sure, downed display icons, why not... O yeah, touch pad..Im saying for flow of game im already processing so much. Within one close engagement i could miss alot. Ie one hit of a button im caught up. Im not saying, its impossible to do it without. But would it contribute to an aleady good design.
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    If gore is an issue, then whats peoples stance on a puncture noise. It happens when i get hit, can it happen when i hit them? Again, aleady a good design, could this contribute? When i start the game up its rated teen for violence and gore.
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