Why is there a 64bit AA:PG but it's not supported?

I've tried getting steam to work with the 64 bit version but it doesnt seem supported. It would be awesome for the esports scene to use the 64 bit to get better input lag and smoother gameplay.


  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,621Player
    I didn't even know the 64bit exe had squeaked out to the public side. Just tested it and it works offline, but doesn't Auth through Steam. :open_mouth:

    No idea. Wouldn't be surprised if it doubles the workload for testing/development, and is therefore on the shelf? It would be nice to have that, and DX11 too. Here's hoping the UE4 version will totally rock us!

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  • SiNsOfThEDeViLSiNsOfThEDeViL Posts: 111Player
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    Yea about 2 years ago, when I still had a crappy PC setup, I tried to switch the 32 bit setup to 64, however when I did that the game just kept crashing. So rip. But still I think they patch a game so it supports the 64 bit as well.

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