Optimizing the final version of AAPG

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At some point, there will be a final build of AAPG. It would be nice if that final build was as bug free as possible and all of the components, including the editor and UMM hosting, worked as they were intended. Then, if we're stuck playing that version for a while, at least it's functional. Remember, it might be the version that we archive and play for the future, just like people still have copies of AA2 and AA3.

I'd love to see a push for late-cycle AAPG bug fixes, though I have no idea whether they'd get attention. We can hope. :)

Mappers, Server owners, players....what BUGS do you see as big issues coming to the possible end of the build cycle? (I DON'T mean feature requests, etc....)

I know there's some issues with shader cache, editor crashes, etc...

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  • SiNsOfThEDeViLSiNsOfThEDeViL Posts: 106Player
    That would be cool, maybe after the weapons there could be few more patches and don't touch the game again if everything's okay I don't think we should change anything else, maybe occasionally add some new weapon skins and maps or just approve the UMM as official maps. But other than that I think the game should be left at that, get all bugs fixed, add those weapons etc and that's it. Also making articles and asking the community what would they like to see in the next update would also be pretty cool. As I was also an active Battlefield community member, not a famous one, but I enjoyed my time helping out the community and talking to other Battlefield Devs and Mods, and when Devs listen to what the community wants well at least in my opinion makes everyone a bit happier.

    Again just my opinion ^^

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