What does building a map do?

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Sometimes the game will say I need to build lighting or build paths. Also, sometimes the Advanced Editor will glitch out when I try to move stuff -- moving the entire map instead of what I'm trying to move.

This in turn causes the terrain to look glitchy. What am I doing wrong?

It seems to take an EXTREMELY LONG time to build a map (which I'm doing right now), so I'd appreciate knowing if its even necessary to do this.
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  • LWOF_BrOkenArrowLWOF_BrOkenArrow Posts: 378Player
    Oh... and I need help fixing this map bug here.


    It's really bugging me. Can't find anything on it so far...
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    What bug?

    "Show Nav Paths" - keyboard "P" ?

    Have you been poking around in all the resources on this and the archived forums? There's tons of editor info.

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    Oh, and to answer the OP "Building" a map means recalculating geometry that's moved, or rebuilding shadow and lightmaps when you move stuff and the shadow projects in a different spot.

    There's a setting to build lighting at "Preview" level in the toolbar and menus so it won't take so long.

    Also, if you're selecting stuff, and miss...you may select something in the background, including the landscape. When deselecting, don't click off an object! That'll just select something else. You need to practice making sure only the objects you want are selected!!

    Don't forget CTRL+Z is "UNDO"

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    it seems you've duplicated the landscape, cancel one. I can tell you that the landscape can color it, shape it, but it does not like being moved.
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    On my youtube channel i have loads of simple tutorials .
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