Post pictures of your first ever map (if you have them)!

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Doesn't matter if it was AAPG or some other game, let em rip!

I mentioned this in another thread, this was for a game called Firearms Source. It was a Source Mod based on the original mod for Half-Life (which is actually the game I played between CS and AAO). This was a respawn style game, so the map was fairly big. It was a Christmas map, but it was fun to make.

Here's the Christmas story house:

Here's a bridge, that's a little familiar:

I think this was one of the spawn areas:

I think this was supposed to be Whoville

and the sleigh ride down from the Grinch's lair. I believe the sleighs actually worked.

Some random log cabin

I thought I had an overhead somewhere, but oh well. Part of me wants to create a condensed version for AAPG :lol:
You joined the world's greatest army to become a graphic artist? Outstanding!
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