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Hello , everyone , I am not sure if I should post this here to be honest ,but I'm gonna give it a try and hope everyone understands.
Some of you know already that awhile back I was diagnosed with Chronic C O P D , If you have'nt seen me around for awhile that is the reason. I was very active with the game in the past years since the begiining actually , but I just don't have the time nor energy to keep up with it anymore. So more recently I have been restricted to being stuck with this oxygen gizmo most of my time and have'nt been able to do much work. As an electrician you can imagine its tuff to crawl around attics and such when you just can't breathe. The doctors say that with time it will improve especially since I was finally able to quit smoking and take some time to look after my health.
Anyway as a result I have fallen behind in my everyday expenses such as rent and utilities and such, so I started this Go Fund Me page in hopes of trying to stay afloat until I can get back on my feet , I'm going to place the link here in hopes that all of you will post the link and share it any way you can , on Facebook , your clan websites or any way possible. It would be a great help to me and my family if you can find a way to help me share the link. I hope no one is offended that I posted this but I really am in a bad way right now and I know there are alot of good folks here so I hope you will help me out with this. Thank you in advance.


Thanks Roach



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    Good luck, Roach. You've done a lot for this community, and deserve the help, IMO. :+1:

    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
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    My friend!! You can count on me, always positive bro! strength and courage
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    Thanks guys ,
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    Hi everyone , I thought I would post an update about my medical status.
    Please click on my link below to read my full story.
    I met with my Pulmonary specialist yesterday and the news was not all bad I guess.
    It seems that I will need to begin in a pulmonary rehab therapy to bring my lungs back to a better working condition. I'm not altogether sure what that involves but he assures me that it will be beneficial to me. I will have my first appointment starting next week and I will go there twice a week to start. So it looks as though I will need this help more than ever to get past this down time.
    I wanna thank everyone again for all of the help so far,
    I have noticed that my campaign is lacking in the sharing dept. It seems I have more than 1500 page views but only 150 times shared. I'd like to ask everyone , if you have not shared this link on your facebook already , please take a minute to share it on your facebook or anywhere you can. You see the amount of the donation is not a worry, it is the cumulative effect that makes a fundraiser effective.
    So I ask again please share this link anyway you can Facebook , Clansites , twitter , anything you are comfortable with. I will place the link below .
    Please remember every little bit helps.

    Thank you in advance for all of your support.

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    Hope everything going to be fine!

    Hc|Captain(HUN) -
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    Thanks Captain , it should be ok , I have some rehab to recover from the damage, so it will take awhile but I will be better with time . I just have to survive till then , My lungs will improve in time , especially since I quit smoking. I'm telling you guys for real man , if you smoke , you really should quit ASAP .
    Thanks for thinking of me , Richie
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    Thanks Captain , it should be ok , I have some rehab to do so it will take awhile but I will be better with time , especially since I quit smoking. I'm telling you guys for real man , if you smoke , you really should quit ASAP .
    Thanks for thinking of me , Richie

    I am 22. Never smoked a single cigarette.

    Hc|Captain(HUN) -
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    Good for you buddy, I never listened all these years when I knew I should have quit smoking and now I am paying the price I guess.
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    Best of luck, hope you recover fully soon.
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    Good morning everyone. I would like to start out by saying thank you to all of you who have been supportive to my cause.
    Most of you know about my situation with COPD, and being unable to work for awhile. Many of you have been very helpful with sharing my post to your facebook and donating to my cause.
    So recently I've noticed that my fundraiser page has over 2,000 page views and more than 300 times shared.
    However regarding donations , it seems that the only people who seem to have donated are some of you folks from my beloved community right here. And of course I am grateful to each of you.
    I have an experiment that I would like you to help me with. I would like to ask that everyone go to my page listed below and participate in my , "One dollar experiment.
    If you can contribute a dollar to the cause please do , if not then please let me know that you visited the page and help me to monitor my efforts with this Go Fund Me stuff.
    My thoughts are this, If more than 2,000 people visited the page then it seems unlikely that not one would be willing to donate one dollar.
    The idea of course is to raise money to help me thru this horrible situation , but as well it can help me determine if my efforts are being wasted on facebook.
    So if you donate a dollar of course the cumulative effect will speak for itself , and even if you could only share the page , I will be able to isolate my efforts and determine where my time is best spent to achieve my goal. It seems that I will be stuck here with this stupid oxygen machine for awhile so I really need to do my best to make this work. Its almost time to pay rent again and I just not sure that this idea is working.
    I use this platform to conduct this experiment because I want to rely on the community that I know I can trust.
    So please if you have a dollar to spare that would be wonderful , but if you can at least let me know when you visit the page I will be able to find out better where my efforts are best spent , I'm just not sure facebook and a few other sharing platforms are helping.
    So if you would visit the page as soon as you can and let me know . Remember every little bit helps.


    Thanks so much , Roach
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    Wow , not even one person visited the page?
    Maybe I should clarify , I did'nt expect everyone to donate a dollar but rather share the page on your own facebook , and let me know in this thread if you did it. The idea was to monitor where my best efforts are spent.

    Thanks Roach
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    I will let you post it in my AA group if it helps you.


    2000 people, a bit more traffic than in here.
    AAPG is good!
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    Hey, your post got reported, lol, and removed by one of the hard working admins. I forgot to inform them.... Sry. But I reversed the removing. All good again ;)
    AAPG is good!
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    Thank you my friend, I certainly appreciate it.

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    Just checking in , no real change so far. I start my Pulmonary Rehab this week , I'll keep you all posted when I get my test results back ..

    Thanks Roach
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    Ok , so at the risk of alienating some of you (I hope you understand).

    I have been trying to use this GoFundMe page to survive thru this struggle with COPD , and the rehabilitation therapy that at the moment keeps me from working.
    Although my best support has been from some of you folks right here at my favorite community , I find that I am really not getting great results.
    So here goes,, I am asking for anyone who is willing to please visit my page and donate any small amount that you can feel comfortable with. It does not have to be alot , a fund raiser works by the cumulative effect so every little bit helps.
    I am seriously in a jam right now and forgive me for asking but I really could use a lift up right now folks.
    Those of you who know me , then you know I would not be doing this if I had a better choice.
    So Please if you can donate please do , and if not please share this GoFundMe page on your own facebook or wherever you think it will help.


    Thanks Roach,
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    Help where I can Roach. I shared it on FB. Sorry I can help anymore then that atm m8. I also have some issue due to new health expenses. Good luck buddy! and Get Well!
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    Thanks Gorilla , I appreciate any help at all buddy. Thanks and I hope you feel better as well man
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    Hey brother, I hope you get well soon, I'll be praying for you and your family. I linked you to FB, hopefully something extra will come from that. God bless,
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    Wolvy , my old buddy. Thanks so much brother, I did receive your donation on my GoFundMe dude.
    I cannot find a way to thank you. John, I just want to say it here .
    Thank you for me and my family , it means more to me than I can ever explain.

    Thanks Rich
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