Blender to fbx?

Hello i own a few lowpoly blender statues i want converted to fbx. I was wondering if this is possible and if someone would be willing to help me converted them. I could send them by dropbox . You are allowed to Keep a copy as a thank you if you want.


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    I can help you with converting them, however, I think there is no need, you can do it as well.

    I have Blender 2.79b installed (the latest stable version) and there is and add-on to do .fbx import/export. Go to File->User preferences->Add-ons-> search for fbx. It should be there for you as well. I used this add-on with an older Blender version roughly 2 years ago, it exported to fbx like a charm.
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    Is blender a free program?
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    Is blender a free program?

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