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One of my maps, Twin Creek Mining Co., has a VIP mission. I had to change a wall that has no collision, then some new ideeas came ... then, after -build all-i wanted to play the misiopn in edi, but instead of spawning by the vip position ,its spawning by the team spawn (by clicking on the green arrow to play). It should be spawning by VIP start isnt it, with the blue arrow (play in viewport its spawning wherever u are. I tried the original map from workshop it has the same issue but the map is working properly.
So, i m afraid to overwrite the original map, not to ruin it. There are two extraction points, both working but the mission setup has only one extraction linked, so in the update i tried to set it up for both points . Pls tell me ur oppinions, i wont update till i have some ideeas from you :)


  • SeVn.MaxSeVn.Max Posts: 230Player
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    you changed something in the World Properties?
  • SMUGGLERSMUGGLER Posts: 37Player
    no, just replacing , and adding meshes, but the original map is working fine, in editor i spawn the vip by the team spawn
  • By clicking play in viewport in editor does not follow vip selection . You will only play as regular soldier.
  • SMUGGLERSMUGGLER Posts: 37Player
    edited September 2018
    U right, i tried multiple maps on VIP, it is starting like a soldier spawn, but i m pretty sure earlier i was starting with the VIP, and could extract him . In viewport it was starting like soldier but i could extract him, in editor window is starting now also as soldier not VIP. Could it be some new update, or my edi is [TOS Violation] up, dunno.
  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,181Player
    Maybe it was possible if you had only a VIP spawn point and no regular spawns?
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  • yes before an update u could play as vip . but also u could win a round and add points to your rank and collect badges . the change stopped this as its stats padding . as uni said if u disable the other spawns this should in theory start u as the vip . no need to remove them just disable them through the settings for the spawn points themselves
  • SMUGGLERSMUGGLER Posts: 37Player
    yes, all all clear now thx guys, vip is working !
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