AAPG Player Group/Affiliation Icons

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Below is a list of all the AAPG ingame player icons I know exist to help new players.
Feel free to reply if you know of anymore. :)

dev.png Developer

aacm.png Community Manager

beta.png Beta Tester

army.png US Army

army-vet.png US Army Veteran

navy.png US Navy

navy-vet.png US Navy Veteran

marines.png US Marine Corps

marines-vet.png US Marine Corps Veteran

airforce.png US Air Force

airforce-vet.png US Air Force Veteran

coastguard.png US Coast Guard

coastguard-vet.png US Coast Guard Veteran

nationalguard.png US National Guard

nationalguard-vet.png US National Guard Veteran

(Would be great if the Devs added an ingame overlay tooltip explaining what the icons are next to players like the old AA2 days. Even I get mixed up who is who lol)


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