whats good software for screen capture videos?

i like the picture in picture option... and i like free.


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    might have missunderstood what you are looking for,if you want to take screenshots from an existing video try this player it has a screenshot taking option.

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    If you are looking for screen capture software for gaming, you should try Openbroadcaster or Shadowplay.
    Both are very good with GPU/CPU utilization and would hardly effect you game-play.

    If you wanna do more complicated stuff, like commenting, or highlighting windows you are using, mouse etc.
    The leading software would be Camtasia from Techsmith. It is the software professionals use for How-To Videos etc. but its not for fee.

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    well i opened my wallet and a moth almost put my eye out. so free is the option i am looking for.i am doing a mixture of ingame capture and desktop recording. i have been using cam studio but am looking for new options i may have overlooked.
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    bandicam.com has a free version,though it's limited by length i believe.
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    OBS will handle everything you're asking about. It's been able to replicate almost every feature I've liked from its competitors. 100% free and open source. I think this is the right solution for you.

    XSplit Gamecaster is also nice, but its free version is handicapped to the point where it's not really any better than OBS. One big non-free feature is being able to easily draw on the screen (really really nice for what it sounds like you might be wanting to do). OBS has some functionality for this too but, last time I tried it, it wasn't nearly as polished.

    Shadowplay is very limited. Its initial draw was hardware encoding (and auto-recording the previous 60 seconds), but other major programs offer those features now too. I doubt it'll accomplish what you want. It also doesn't support the "picture in picture" feature you asked about in any decent way; it's webcam-only and never recognized mine.
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    OBS for sure, it's what your looking for :)
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    SoldierBob wrote: »
    OBS for sure, it's what your looking for :)

    TheTots wrote:
    I think this thread has run it's course......
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    I would like to ask for suggestions as well. I have tried OBS, doesn't cut it. I can't even get it to really work correctly on my setup and when I do, it is slow and quality is poor. Plus the file size... so are there any others out there?
    (I have an i5-4670k + R9 280 + 8gb of RAM)

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