FRA1 Could You also set to 15 rounds per match thx!

as states in the title thank you


  • -[iG]-Leketiskis-[iG]-Leketiskis Posts: 127Player
    ACtually having 1 server with shorter rounds in europe is good idea. I used to go to USA servers just to have it. It's good for new players to learn more maps + its faster if you don't have much time and better in case of stacked teams. Then you just finish and go with different teams on next match :) Admins decision in the end, but i Would recommend keeping one fast match server in Europe :)
  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,077Moderator
    I enjoy the "fast" servers more as its not so grindy, even if you at times end up on maps that you dont enjoy you can bare with it as its soon over, 15 rounds on inner would make me leave the server.
  • GBGangstaGBGangsta Posts: 63Developer
    FRA1 is a test server. We typically set them to short rounds so that we can zip through rounds.
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