Looking for a mature clan for AAPG ps4

n4styR4t4n4styR4t4 Posts: 2Player
I’ve been added to some of the best most secluded communities on aapg but we all just play to play but I like more of a competition so I can play more to my standard lmk if there’s any openings etc


  • LWOF_BrOkenArrowLWOF_BrOkenArrow Posts: 210Player
    We can expect to see more clans becoming like this once private matches are added. I've ran into a couple of clans but most of them "suck".
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  • copeatdonutscopeatdonuts Posts: 5Player
    There really aren't many clans on PS4 of note. I know of TDS (Take Down Squad), BEM (Blast Effect Magazine) and a couple others. Not alot of players of note either.
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  • n4styR4t4n4styR4t4 Posts: 2Player
    I have friends that play with TDS and play in our party’s but they are no good at aapg. If y’all got a clan or whatever I’m down but I’m just hoping something good happens
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