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    btw, an easy way to get people aware of the game when it comes out? Throw down a $10 donation or so to one of the top streamers like Shroud or Dr. Disrespect, and put a message asking them to try out AA5. At the very least if they read it over stream (which a lot of them do), 10s of thousands of people will know AA5 exists, boom.

    How do you expect people to be able to donate $10 - when half of the newcomers can't even afford a $2 microphone :p
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    That's a free game problem for sure. Many people play because it's free. That doesn't mean you don't have wealthy people too though.
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    Free games can easily have donors and advocates who will be willing to pitch in financially to spread the word as long as the product is worthwhile. Heck, free games like fortnite have people spending hundreds on skins. I'm sure a few people can pitch in $5 on major streamers to spread the word on AA5 if needed. I will say that as a free game if you don't have a strong anti-cheat system in place, the game will be DOA. Either way, AA is free with no catch. No pay-to-win, nothing like that. I wish that the Devs could monetize the game in some way so they could get more resources, but it seems to be impossible.

    I will reiterate that it's absolutely necessary for AA5 to have the following on launch:
    1) Solid netcode with minimal desync
    2) Strong anti-cheat
    3) Competitive ranked mode (or at minimum ETA on launch)

    I can't imagine a round based FPS being popular without those three things at this point.
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